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Creating a Knowledge lit World

MKCL- Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd. (ISO 9001 – 2015) designs, develops and deploys state-of-the-art eLearning, eGovernance and eEmpowerment models, frameworks, technologies, products, solutions and services at affordable costs for the common people. Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited is a public limited company promoted by the Department of Higher and Technical Education, Government of Maharashtra and was incorporated under the Companies Act. SPIPL is associated with Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd. right from its inception as we identify and compliment each other’s mission. Decades of association shows SPIPL has been a performance oriented partner with MKCL.

SPIPL – MKCL’s Trusted Partner

SPIPL is the trusted partner of MKCL and has been awarded the following responsibilities

  • Local Lead Centre of Nagpur District
  • Local Lead Centre of Bhandara District
  • Regional Lead Centre of Vidarbha East Region.

Outside Maharashtra SPIPL is associated with MKCL in the following states

  • Bihar: We are involved in KYP program under Bihar Govt, with centers at Bhagalpur and Banka. Kushal Yuva Program enhances the employability Skills of all aspirants in the age group of 15-28 years, who have passed at least 10th Class irrespective of their having attained higher education or their currently pursuing higher education. It comprises Soft Skills training would incorporate Life skills, Communications Skills (English & Hindi) and Basic computer literacy which in turn would enhance their employability and act as a value add to the various domain specific training endeavours currently being implemented in Bihar.

 SPIPL is Business Development Partner for MKCL in the Following States.

  • Chhattisgarh.
  • Telangana.
  • Karnataka.
  • Gujarat.

Since 2002, around almost 1.8 million students have been imparted world class training in IT Literacy and many skill leading to their employability.

These programs have been conducted through a network of Authorized training centre’s, who are almost 550 in numbers and almost all are first generation entrepreneurs. These self employed youths have further provided jobs to thousands of youths at all locations of these 6 districts of Vidarbha East region.


MKCL has various Business Development program

Knowledge-Lit Careers Development Program (KLiC-DP)

Missing-Mode Skill Development Program(MMS-DP)

School Education Transformation Program(HETP)

Higher Education Transformation Program(HETP)

eGovernance Business Development Program(eGov-BDP)

International Business Development Program (I-BDP)

Product in New Exponential Technologies Business Development Program




MS-CIT: An IT Course that has transformed Million of learner
into smart users

is an Information Technology (IT) literacy course started by MKCL in the year 2001. It is the most popular IT Literacy course in the state of Maharashtra.

Further details please visit the website:


SPIPL has been successfully conducting these courses and imparting high quality IT knowledge. The team at SPIPL and centers managed by SPIPL ensures constant up-gradation in the courses as per MKCL standards.





Skill Development Courses in various tracks

his course has been designed for young individuals who want to acquire Soft Skills including Communication Skills; leading to or resulting into personal effectiveness at the globally accepted beginner/basic level.


Learning Center

20 LAKH+


Gateway To
Job Success

This is MKCL’s flagship course with high quality eLearning content which

emphasizes on English Communication. This course offers detailed

understanding and hands on experience of English Communication.

  • Enabling Programs

Enabling Programs are those programs that create an enabling environment, infrastructural facilities, technological and managerial support for MKCL’s other programs to take-off and sustain. They themselves are not the direct lines of business but are the lines to enable other business programs.