Nagpur INDIA

About Spipl

SPIPL was established in Nagpur city in the year 1998. Since then it has successfully delivered high-end courses to over thousands of students in high technology areas such as Software Development, VLSI Chip Designing and Embedded Technologies.

SPIPL continues its pursuit towards excellence in the field of high-end training in IT and Software Development.

We are a team of highly qualified and experienced members with over 16 years of experience of quality education, development, implementation and facilitation.

At SPIPL we focus on improvements in student learning by pairing technology with the best instructional strategies. We create high quality human resource> out aim is to provide quality education to those aspiring to make a career in the IT industry and to produce a high quality human resource with diverse expertise. We play an important role in catering to the industry demand of skilled manpower.

Our focus areas include : 

  • Providing a conducive and professional learning environment.
  • Aptitude development.
  • Ability to code functionalities.
  • Involvement of the students on actual projects as part of project work.
  • Career and placement guidance.