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EduPortal is now available for customers. EduPortal is being offered to educational institutes for Internal Evaluations. For information on EduPortal Click Here  


Heartiest Congratulations ! to all Qualified Students in CCAT-2018 Yash Kolhatkar Section (A+B) – 12 Adwait Munje Section (A+B) – 17 Swapnil Mankar Section (A+B+C) – 9 Section (A+B) – 40 Heartiest Congratulations ! Manoj K. Placed in Syntel Yogesh Y. Placed in Infor Nikhil T. Placed in CDAC Noida Heartiest Congratulations ! To all…
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Congratulations!! Vidarbha East region has crossed 1.2 Lac MS-CIT Admissions